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General Aircon Servicing

Much like most other household appliances, air conditioners degrade and accumulate dust over time when left not cleaned or serviced. Regular maintenance checks and cleaning are hence essential for prolonging the lifespan of your aircon, making sure that it is efficient and performing satisfactorily, and circulating clean and fresh air within your house.

At Purer Fresher Air, our aircon servicing package includes washing the cover and filters with chemical, clean the evaoprator coil, clean the condensate drain tray, vacuum the condensate drain pipe, clean the blower wheel (dismantle if necesary), dust down the electrical compartment, clean the lourvers blades and directional vanes and check the refrigerant level.

Aircon Servicing

Benefits of General Aircon Servicing

Cleaner & Fresher Air
Cleaner & Fresher

When conducted regularly, aircon servicing helps to get rid of the build-up of dust and toxins within your air conditioning unit, providing cleaner and fresher air circulation within the space.

Improved Aircon Performance
Improved Aircon Performance

Clean and unclogged air conditioning units also allow for better airflow and for the aircon to regulate temperature more efficiently. This leads to all around better performance, and in turn, a prolonged life expectancy of your aircon.

Lower Electricity Bills
Lower Electricity

More efficient regulation of temperature equates to a lower consumption of power when it comes to reaching the desired room temperature. As such, regular aircon servicing can go a long way in reducing your electricity bills, and giving you cost savings.

Lower Repair Costs
Lower Repair

Regular cleaning and maintenance that removes dirt and bacteria build-up helps to lower the likelihood of major aircon issues (e.g. damage on the compressor) caused by a blocked filter or drainage system. Additionally, regular aircon checks help to detect parts within the air conditioning unit that are no longer working early, allowing for swift intervention before any problem snowballs.

Types of Aircon Servicing

Ad Hoc

Conducted as per requested, our ad hoc maintenance incorporates general cleaning and aircon checks to verify that your aircon is in good condition.


Conducted on a quarterly basis, our contract maintenance ensures that your air conditioning unit is regularly cleaned and in good condition.

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General Aircon Servicing

  • Pre-Service Checks (e.g. controller settings, airflow, whether the aircon is working)
  • Fan Coil Unit Service (e.g. washing, vacuuming and cleaning of various aircon parts)
  • Condenser Service (e.g. check gas pressure and cooling, visual inspection of outdoor condenser unit)
  • Findings & Recommendations
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