Say Goodbye to Harmful Air Pollutants & Bacteria with Our Aircon Chemical Wash

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Consider a Chemical Jet Wash if Your Aircon…

  • Does not blow cold air
  • Experiences a sudden increase in energy consumption
  • Emits black particles or dust
  • Has not been serviced in 6 months to 1 year

What is Aircon Chemical Wash

Over time, dust particles, mould and bacteria from the outdoor air accumulate in an aircon’s condenser, filter and coils, resulting in aircon issues such as bad odour, higher energy consumption and a lack of cold air, as well as potential health issues such as skin irritation, allergies, nasal congestion and worsening asthma.

Chemical wash thoroughly cleanses and washes your aircon using specially formulated anti-bacteria chemical solutions along with high water pressure, ridding the stubborn sticky debri, mould, dust and toxins from parts of your air conditioner for better hygiene and aircon performance.

At Purer Fresher Air, we boost the effectiveness of our chemical wash services by using a 1500 psi pressure jet in combination with bacteria killing chemicals to wash your aircon thoroughly. Compared to standard water jets used by many other aircon servicing companies, the 1500 psi pressure jet streams water at a far higher pressure, allowing the water to better penetrate the coils and flush out unwanted grime and dirt that were trapped.

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

Better Air Quality
Better Air

The chemicals and jet wash remove the mould, dust and toxins trapped within your air conditioner, providing you with fresher and cleaner air in return.

Minimises risk of water leakage
Minimises risk of water leakage

A common cause of water leakage is due to the freezing of the air or the evaporator coil when an air filter is blocked or too dirty. Resulting in water leakage when the frozen air or evaporator coil melts, chemical wash hence minimizes the occurrence of water leakage by removing the dirt and dust obstructing the flow of air which had caused the freezing.

Cooler air & quicker cooling of room
Cooler air & quicker cooling of room

By flushing out the impurities trapped within the air conditioning system, this unclogs the aircon, permitting the air flow to pass through the air con unit more easily. This in turn also allows the aircon to reach its desired temperature with less power, resulting in improved energy efficiency and lower electricity consumption.

Prolongs lifespan of your aircon unit
Prolongs lifespan of your aircon unit

Chemical wash cleans the drainage systems in the aircon, preventing blockage which could damage the compressor motor in the long term. Additionally, it also helps to prevent fan oil corrosion, thus further prolonging the lifespan of the aircon unit.

Types of Chemical Wash

Non-Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash
Non-Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash

Involves only a partial dismantling of parts during the cleaning process. Sufficient for most cases.

Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash
Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash

A more thorough cleaning process which involves the full dismantling of the aircon unit’s fan coil, electronic controls and other additional parts. To be done only when the coil is extremely dirty.

Get the Freshest Air & Save on Costly Electricity & Repair Fees with

Aircon Chemical Wash

  • Pre-Service Checks (e.g. controller settings, airflow, whether the aircon is working)
  • Chemical Jet Wash (e.g. Vacuuming drainage pipe, washing with anti-bacterial solution and pressure water jet)
  • Condenser Service (e.g. check gas pressure and cooling, visual inspection of outdoor condenser unit)
  • Findings & Recommendations
Type of Wash
1 Unit Non-Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash
Below 18K BTU
($10 off any additional unit)
1 Unit Non-Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash
($10 off any additional unit)
1 Unit Non-Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash
($10 off any additional unit)
1 Unit Dismantle Chemical Jet Wash
$160 to $190
($10 off any additional unit)

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