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Aircon Gas Top Up

Over time, various air conditioner problems or unsealed leakages may lead to a gas shortage within your air conditioning system. This results in complications such as an inability by your aircon to produce cool air and reach previous temperature levels, the continuous running of your aircon, or even a water leakage. A gas top-up or refill would hence be necessary to help your aircon regain its previous functionalities, improve air conditioning performance, and lower costs for potential repair.

However, it is important to note that a gas top up is not regularly required for your aircon unit. While inadequate coolant levels are often mistaken to be the cause of why aircons do not run cold, the most common reason for an aircon’s poor performance is due to the dirt accumulated within the air conditioning system. As such, a gas top up should only be considered should households continue to experience insufficient cooling after engaging general cleaning services or a chemical wash for extremely dirty aircons.

At Purer Fresher Air, we hence believe in checking your air conditioning unit and refrigerant levels to verify whether a refill is required, even when you engage us for our gas top up services. This allows us to better diagnose the source of your air conditioning problems and recommend the most appropriate services to resolve your problems affordably and effectively.

Aircon Gas Top Up

Benefits of Aircon Gas Top Up

Improved Cooling

A gas top up replenishes the coolant in your air conditioner, enabling it to run cooler.

Prevents Water Leakage
Prevents Water

Inadequate refrigerant levels can lead to incomplete vaporization within your aircon unit and condensation. Through a gas refill, this would enable the air to vaporize completely, and prevent water leakage.

Energy Savings

As your aircon typically runs and stops when it has reached the expected cool temperature, having an adequate level of aircon coolant will enable your room to be cooled within a shorter period of time, and thus run more efficiently, consuming lesser energy. This can result in great energy savings.

Minimises Potential Aircon Complications
Minimises Potential Aircon Complications

Low coolant levels in the air conditioner unit can result in aircon complications, such as ice deposition on coils, which can damage your aircon. A gas top up would hence enable you to avoid such aircon complications, and lower potential repair costs.

Types of Gas Top Up

R22 Gas

Used by most non-inverter aircons, and older aircon models, R22 gas is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant that is cheaper to produce, easier to install with lower operating pressure.

R410A Gas

Used by most inverter aircons and newer aircon models, R410A gas is a comparatively more environmentally friendly refrigerant option, offering better air quality, efficiency and higher heat carrying capacity.

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Aircon Gas Top Up

  • Checking of controller settings
  • Checking of airflow
  • Visual checks to ensure AC is working
  • For fan coils & coil units that are adequately clean yet not delivering sufficient cooling, to check refrigerant level and outdoor unit to verify need for top up
  • Provide gas top up
Type of Gas Top Up
1 Unit R22 Gas
$70 to $130
1 Unit R410A Gas
$80 to $160

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