The Types of Aircon in Today Market

The Types of Aircon in Today Market


In 2020, the annual mean temperature in Singapore was 28℃. It was 0.5℃ higher than the 1981-2010 long term average. Due to that number, an air conditioner is an essential appliance nowadays to help you sleep. It is because chilly temperature from how an aircon works can make a world of difference in your sleep quality.


And if you do not have an aircon yet, buying a new aircon or replacing your old one, you are in the right place. This guide covers six types of common aircon in the market, their pros and cons, and how to pick the best aircon for your needs.


Common types of aircon in Singapore


Skip through all the hassle of finding information on different types of aircon on multiple websites. We uncover all the relevant things you need to know here.


Split system or ductless air conditioner (ductless)

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A split system air conditioner is the type you can easily find in Singapore. It is the typical system to cool a room for apartment dwellers or homeowners. As its name suggests, the system is comprised of two units—an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.


The indoor unit is commonly installed on the interior walls of your home. At the same time, the outdoor one is placed outside, and they have refrigerant tubing connected to both units.


In general, the indoor unit houses the fan that blows chilly air into your space, and the outdoor unit is the home for a compressor and a condenser that play a big part in cooling your home.


The split system itself is a go-to cooling system if you have no ductwork in your home. That is why it is also known as a ductless system.



  • Affordable cooling solution
  • Quick installation time especially if handled by BCA-certified aircon installation experts
  • The indoor unit does not produce distracting noise
  • Suitable for most homes because it is compact and can be fitted as long as there is enough space on the wall
  • Easy maintenance



  • Inefficient appliance to cool a huge indoor space
  • The indoor unit interfere with the aesthetic of your interior design
  • The outdoor unit produces a lot of noise


Multi-split system air conditioner

multi split air conditioner

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It is based on the split system aircon. The main difference is a multi-split system lets you run multiple indoor units with just one outdoor unit. Hence, it is named a multi-split system.


Generally, the multi-split system can give you two to nine indoor units. It is ideal for a multi-storey house or a house with multiple rooms but does not have enough space for a ducted air conditioner.



  • Separate controls for every indoor unit, allowing greater flexibility to select the  desired temperature for each unit
  • Cheaper cooling solution for a large home rather than buying multiple single split systems
  • Energy-efficient because you can run more than one indoor unit only with one outdoor unit



  • Bulkier outdoor unit
  • Outdoor unit malfunctions mean no cooling for all the indoor units
  • The outdoor unit must be placed nearby to avoid loss of capacity


Central or ducted air conditioner

central ducted ceiling air conditioner


In Singapore, a central or ducted air conditioner is the common choice for indoor cooling of buildings, such as offices, shopping malls, and other multi-storey buildings. It requires extensive ductworks because it regulates the air through ducts in the building.


In the central system, the outdoor unit can comprise an evaporator, condenser, and compressor in a single unit. It cools an indoor space by pulling out the warm air to the outdoor area, pushing chilly air through the installed ducts, and coming out from a ceiling-mounted unit.


Therefore, in Singapore, it is also known as a ceiling-mounted aircon.



  • The best in terms of regulated cooling and humidity if compared to split-systems
  • Ductworks making it possible to cool an entire house or indoor space
  • Quiet and noiseless in the indoor space
  • No distracting bulky indoor unit to mess up your interior design



  • High initial cost and more expensive than split systems
  • Rarely a suitable option for homes in Singapore
  • Duct problems mean a higher electricity bill and a decrease in efficiency


Portable air conditioner

portable air conditioner

Image source: Cielo


A portable aircon is a type of aircon in a single self-contained floor unit that you can move from one room to another because it has a built-in wheel and an exhaust hose. Its portability and easy setup make it possible to install the unit without professional installation. 


You just need to plug the unit into an electrical outlet. Then, position the exhaust hose properly through a window so it can release warm air that the portable aircon draws from your room to the outside of the house.



  • Cheaper than previously mentioned systems
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Portability



  • Noise
  • You have to open your window
  • It takes up your floor space
  • Not a good answer to beat the heat since it is only suitable for a tiny room


Window or casement air conditioner

window casement air conditioner

Image source: The Spruce


Have you ever seen a single box sit on a window sill? If so, a big chance that is a window air conditioner.


The box itself contains all the components to perform a refrigeration cycle that pulls warm air and returns chilly air for your room. Besides the window placement, You may also see it fitted in a slot made on the wall.



  • Cheap upfront and operation cost
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ideal for a small indoor space



  • Losing the primary purposes of a window, which are bringing fresh air and natural light into your indoor space
  • Noisier if compared to the split system
  • Window aircon may not be suitable for all window types


Factors to consider in buying an aircon for your home

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Besides the infrastructure of your home, consider these factors before purchasing a new air conditioner.




You need to know how much you are willing to pay for a new aircon.


The cheapest options on the market usually are portable and window aircon. For a cost-effective option and the most popular choice in Singapore, a split system is what you are looking for. You should consider a multi-split and central system if you live in a huge space, or want better-regulated cooling for your building.


Energy rating


In simple words, energy rating helps to determine how energy efficient an aircon is. The more efficient an aircon is, the better it will be for your electricity bill. Hence, when deciding which aircon you want to buy, you need to consider the energy rating.


Pick an aircon with a high energy rating if your budget allows it. The higher the rating, the more efficient the aircon is.


BTU or cooling capacity


British Thermal Unit (BTU) refers to the cooling power of an aircon. A greater number means greater cooling power. However, just because you can buy an aircon with high BTU does not mean you should.


We suggest that you consult seasoned technicians to determine the best BTU for your aircon.


The bottom line


All in all, each type of aircon has its pros and cons. 


In buying a new aircon, you can:

  1. Determine the type you need
  2. Find out the most suitable BTU for your room by consulting it with your aircon service experts
  3. Pick three desired aircons from the same type after considering their cost and BTU
  4. Choose aircon that offers the best energy rating for your budget


Besides choosing the best aircon available for your budget, also remember a well-installed air conditioning system is critical in getting good aircon performance and avoiding typical aircon troubles.


Hence, give us a call at +65 9830 8224 if you need to install your newly purchased aircon. You can also book our service through our appointment page.


If you are unsure whether a new air conditioner is the right move you have to make, we can check your air conditioner for you. Sometimes, an aircon servicing is enough to bring back the cool air lacking from your old aircon.

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