10 Tips on How to Save Energy With AC

10 Tips on How to Save Energy With AC


As per the National Environment Agency (NEA), air conditioner (aircon) units account for around 24% of Singapore households’ electricity consumption.


Quite a bit of money, isn’t it?


The good news is, there are easy ways not to have a high utility bill even if you use an aircon to beat the heat in Singapore. It is possible to reduce aircon electricity consumption by using a variety of energy-saving tips. In that way, you can still keep your house cool and fresh.


In no time, let’s discover how you can cut AC bills very easily by following these super easy steps.


Keep indoor and outdoor temperatures as similar as possible


When people are at home and in need of cooling, 26°C is the ideal temperature for air conditioners to balance energy savings and comfort, according to the U.S. Department of Energy


Keep in mind that your aircon will have to work harder for each degree of cooling, which will increase its energy consumption.


Shade your home from the sun


There are benefits of sun rays, but not on the hottest days of the year in Singapore when you and everyone in your household are trying to survive the heat, and your aircon is doing its best to keep everyone cool. If you live in a sunny climate, the heat from the sun can make your aircon work harder to cool your room. And a hard-working aircon uses more power. 


Ensure curtains, blinds, drapes and awnings are closed to keep the sun out. No matter what blinds you use, roller blinds, shutters, or lined curtains, make sure that beautiful sunshine stays outside. Additionally, light-coloured backings for curtains and blinds can help deflect heat from sun-facing windows.


More shade and lower air conditioning bills? Think trees. You can consider planting vines, trees or shrubs that will provide shade for the house’s walls and roof as well as its windows.


Maintain a clean air filter

chemical wash aircon


Air filters on our aircon collect dust and debris over time, which eventually impedes airflow. A home’s aircon will use more energy when airflow is interrupted, causing it to strain to keep the house cool. Clean your air filters often, rather than waiting until they are clogged.


It is recommended to clean them every two weeks to keep your aircon operating properly. Do not worry; cleaning air filters on your own is easy to do.


Stick to your aircon maintenance schedule


Having qualified professionals perform regular maintenance on your aircon unit is a wise decision. Among other things, the technicians will make sure that all the necessary parts of the aircon are clean, the drains are clear, and the refrigerant level is adequate. These measures make your aircon work more efficiently, resulting in lower energy bills and less energy usage.


Most aircon manufacturers recommend servicing your aircon every three months.


Install a ceiling fan


By installing ceiling fans, you will circulate cool air throughout the house, reducing the amount of work your aircon has to do. The improved air circulation allows you to increase the usual set temperature by four degrees higher without sacrificing comfort. Your aircon will thank you because it performs more efficiently and consumes less electricity with ceiling fans.


If you decide to get a ceiling fan, ensure the blades are angled so that the air is pushed downward and not upwards.


Use the “auto” feature for your aircon’s fan


Leaving your air conditioner’s fan on “Auto” will turn the motor off when it is not cooling. By switching to “Auto” as opposed to a set fan power, you can reduce the total amount of electricity bills every month.


Choose the right BTU for your aircon

how to calculate aircon btu


An aircon’s cooling capacity is measured in BTU. BTU refers to how powerful the aircon is at cooling. Picking the right BTU guarantees comfort and efficiency.


An oversized cooling system, on the other hand, will cause higher electricity bills due to ineffective performance and frequent cycling.




We require less cooling when we are asleep. With the OFF TIMER feature, you can schedule your air conditioner to turn off automatically. Say, at 4 AM, your air conditioner will turn off automatically. That way, you can save energy without waking up.


Alternatively, you can try using the SLEEP MODE. The air conditioner will regulate the room’s temperature when in this mode. The unit can, for example, increase the temperature by 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius in an hour and as high as 3 degrees Celsius in an hour.


You will remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the night with these features.


Maintain a cool home with insulation


Insulation in this context means preventing hot air from entering and cold air from exiting.


You should close all the windows and doors when running an air conditioner, for instance. Otherwise, warmer air from outside will enter the cooling space. Your cooling unit has to work harder and longer to keep the room cool, resulting in higher electricity bills.


Another important thing to note: check for leaky spots at your place.


When you seal up leaky spots in your house, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to maintain the same temperature.


Get a new air conditioning unit to replace the old unit


More than 10-year-old aircon requires repair work from time to time. Repairing an air conditioner often will cause it to lose efficiency over time. In your search for a replacement, look for a system with at least a “Very Good” or “4 Tick” Energy Efficient Rating on its energy label. It uses less energy than your old one.


A few of these tips will help you reduce the costs associated with running an air conditioner. Knowing how to keep your aircon electricity consumption as low as possible allows you to beat the heat without worrying about expensive electricity bills.


Keeping up with maintenance is one of the most important tips we discussed. For aircon servicing, call Purer Fresher Air at +65 9830 8224. Our aircon servicing includes washing the cover and filters and cleaning the components of your aircon, such as the evaporator coil, the condensate drain pipes, the blower wheel, the louvre blades and directional vanes. To make sure the refrigerant is in the right amount, we check the refrigerant level as well.


So, you can get better sleep at night by enjoying fresher air.

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