6 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is So Noisy

6 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is So Noisy


Do you know that 55-65 decibels (dB) are the boundary noise limit for an aircon system at residential premises in Singapore? A sound level of 60 dB is comparable to a conversation we have every day. That is why you should make sure your aircon does not generate noise beyond that level. And pay attention if your aircon is making noise.


The noises coming from your aircon can turn into significant expenses if you ignore them. They could indicate everything from a simple tune-up to expensive repairs or even a replacement of your entire unit. It is better to determine the noise source and schedule an aircon servicing to fix your aircon issues as soon as possible.


Noises from the aircon can signal problems. Here are a few noise signals to watch for and what they might mean.


Squealing noise from aircon


In general, if your unit is making a high-pitched squealing noise, you should check the motor’s belt whether it is slipped or not. Another possibility is the condenser fan’s bearings are worn out.


If your aircon is belt-driven, the belt could be worn out and may need to be replaced. You will hear the sound of the motor labouring to run without the proper belt, both inside and outside your home. This occurs most often in older systems because newer systems no longer use a belt system.


If you have a newer model, it is likely the bearings of your condenser fan’s motor have loosened. Direct-drive motors, found in more recent models, contain no belts and pull air across the condenser coils. So if you hear squeaking or grinding from outside your aircon unit, it is likely that your fan’s motor and its bearings need to be checked or even replaced.


Why your aircon is making a banging or clanking sound


Suppose you hear clunking, thumping, rattling, or banging noises coming from your aircon. In that case, it could be a problem with a blower or motor assembly.


It is usually a sign of a broken or loose part – such as a connecting rod, piston pin or crankshaft – inside the aircon’s compressor that causes it to make those noises. It might also be that the blower in your indoor unit is unbalanced. In some cases, a loud banging noise can indicate that you need to replace your compressor.


An out-of-balance part may clank as well. The sealed unit’s internal components are likely to have failed, and the compressor may have become loose, making a replacement necessary. The noise can also signal an out-of-balance outdoor fan or indoor blower whose blades strike other components. The problem will only get worse if ignored.


Buzzing noise from the aircon


There is a good chance that your aircon is malfunctioning if you hear loud buzzing noises. In most cases, loose and broken parts, refrigerant leaks, or a malfunctioning compressor can cause a buzzing noise coming out of your aircon.


All parts of your aircon work together to cool your space in warm temperatures. As a result, if one part comes loose, it puts additional stress on the others. A buzzing sound indicates that your unit needs repair after extra wear stresses those parts.


At the bottom of your aircon, the compressor sits on tiny rubber feet called isolation feet. You may notice a buzzing noise when using your aircon after these feet start to disintegrate or crack after some time.


The aircon in your home can freeze up when they’re being used to cool your home—this may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true! A leak in refrigerant can cause your aircon to freeze, which causes a buzzing noise to be heard.


Another possibility is a malfunctioning compressor, which is the part of the unit that presses and cools the refrigerant that cools your home. If your unit is buzzing, it may mean that your compressor isn’t working correctly or that the voltage is off.


Why your aircon is making a clicking noise


Electrical components clicking at startup and shutdown is typical for system operation, but constant or ongoing clicking is unusual. A faulty control or a malfunctioning thermostat could be the cause. It would be best if you kept an eye out for any potential electrical issues as soon as possible so as not to face more significant problems later.


Humming noise from the aircon


Although a humming sound is not serious, it can still signify that something is wrong with your aircon. The presence of loose refrigerant piping or parts can cause vibrations that may lead to more severe problems down the road.


Humming noise may also be an indication of electrical problems. In the event that the compressor refuses to start and hums, it may be a motor issue, though loose wiring could also cause this to happen.


Why your aircon is making a rattling noise


You may hear a rattling noise if your aircon starts to deteriorate and some of its parts are loosening. You might also have twigs or leaves clogging your system.


A loose fan could also be to blame. If you suspect something is amiss with your air conditioning system, check for loose screws, clean condenser coils, and replace your air filter.


What should you do if your aircon is making noise?


Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to call a professional to take care of any of these issues or others, including your aircon is making unusual noises.


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