Midea Aircon: Tips, Care & Maintenance, and Servicing

Midea Aircon: Tips, Care & Maintenance, and Servicing


Air conditioner or aircon is an important part of life in Asian countries, like Singapore, where hot weather is expected. You can install it almost anywhere, whether in your bedroom, living room or workspace, to help you stay cool during hot weather. As a result, it is common to see people have at least one aircon at their place.


With different brands of aircon, Midea is among the top brands for air conditioning systems in Singapore.


If you happen to use Midea at your home, you need to know the tips so it performs efficiently, how to take care of your aircon to make it last longer and save you money on electricity bills.


Tips for Midea aircon


Following these quick and easy tips will ensure that your Midea aircon unit runs optimally and efficiently:

  • Regularly inspect and clean air filters
  • Avoid covering air inlets or outlets
  • Keep doors and windows closed when you use your aircon
  • Optimise energy usage by using TIMER ON and TIMER OFF functions
  • Unplug the unit if you will not use it for a long time, such as going on a vacation
  • Do not operate the aircon for long periods if the humidity is very high


Care and maintenance for Midea aircon

chemical wash aircon


If you want your Midea aircon function for a long time, you should occasionally check and take good care of it before the general servicing time.


At the very least, ensure the air filter is clean. A dirty air filter can reduce the cooling efficiency of your Midea unit and be bad for your health. Midea suggests homeowners clean the filter once every two weeks.


Here are some things to remember if you want to clean air filters on your own:

  • Always read the User or Owner’s Manual of your Midea aircon first; different series may require a different approach
  • Always turn off your aircon and unplug it from the power socket before cleaning or maintenance
  • Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe the unit clean after cleaning
  • Use a cloth soaked in warm water to wipe an extremely dirty surface of your indoor unit


Next, these are the tips on how to clean the air filter of your Midea aircon:

  1. Lift the front panel of your indoor unit
  2. Detach the air filter(s) from your indoor unit by gripping the tab on the end of the filter, lightly pushing it up, then pulling it a little towards yourself
  3. Clean the filter with warm, soapy water—only use a mild soap or detergent
  4. Use running water to rinse the filter, then shake off excess water
  5. Dry the filter for 15 to 30 minutes in a cool and dry place; refrain from exposing it to direct sunlight as it can shrink the filter
  6. Attach the air filter again after you dry it
  7. Close the front panel of your unit


Keep in mind the above steps are just a general guideline. Please refer to the user’s manual of your aircon for more detailed cleaning steps.


How often should you service your Midea aircon?


While it doubles up as a great addition to your home, you are also required to perform regular air conditioning service in Singapore to keep it running smoothly for years to come.


As a general rule of thumb, manufacturers often suggest owners service their aircon at least once a year. In the case of Midea aircon, it is best to service it every three months and chemical wash once a year.


The scope of work for general aircon servicing usually includes:

  • Pre-service inspections: controller settings, airflow, electrical point check, etc
  • Indoor unit cleaning and service: washing, vacuuming, and cleaning of filters, front panel, indoor evaporator coil, check of fan bearing etc
  • Condenser service: check of refrigerant level and visual inspection
  • Report findings and recommendations


For your safety and convenience, manufacturers always recommend aircon service to be performed by licensed technicians. Do not attempt to service it without sufficient knowledge and experience.


Also, you are probably thinking about why should you service it.


Every year, we see so many households need to spend a hefty repair cost since their aircon is not serviced regularly, as suggested by Midea. That is why it is better to follow the manufacturer’s advice and service it at least once a year to protect your Midea aircon from causing a leak.


To preserve your aircon, the easiest way would be to call us and schedule a service appointment at a time that best works for you.


If you are interested in an appointment with our team, you can schedule your aircon service appointment and pick the best time for you. You can also tap the floating WhatsApp button to talk with us or call us at +65 9830 8224.

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