LG Aircon: Tips, Care & Maintenance, and Servicing

LG Aircon: Tips, Care & Maintenance, and Servicing


LG is one of the leading manufacturers of residential aircon in the world. Besides washing machines and refrigerators, air conditioners are the top household appliances of LG Electronics. The number also does not lie because LG manufactured 9.36 million aircon worldwide.


In fact, LG aircon is one of the most popular brands for aircon today in Singapore.


But like all things, they come with their issues, and you should not expect them to work forever without proper care and maintenance. That is why we will give you some tips when using your aircon and how to take care of it so that it works as efficiently as possible.


Tips for LG aircon


If you are an owner of an LG aircon, you should be aware of some quick and easy tips in using your aircon. Doing these would bring better indoor air environment, save energy bills, and does not cause excessive strain on the system:

  • Don’t cool excessively as it consumes more energy
  • Block sunlight with blinds or curtains when you operate your aircon
  • To keep cool and achieve optimum efficiency, keep doors and windows closed tightly while the air conditioner is running
  • Provide even cooling and better indoor air circulation by adjusting the direction of the airflow vertically or horizontally
  • Cool the indoor air in a matter of minutes by speeding up the fan, then let it run on auto once it reaches your desired temperature
  • Keep the indoor air quality at a good level by opening windows regularly for ventilation when you do not use your aircon
  • Unplug the power cord of your aircon if you are not going to use it for an extended period of time
  • The TIMER ON and TIMER OFF functions can help to save energy usage


Care and maintenance for LG aircon

how to clean aircon


With good maintenance, your LG aircon unit will provide you with maximum comfort for years to come. Good care begins with maintaining the cleanliness of your air filter. Taking the time to clean your filter regularly means better air quality and less chance of a breakdown in the system.


Ready to give it a go yourself? Here are the basic steps on how to clean your aircon:

  • Ensure the power is off and unplug the power cord of your LG aircon
  • Lift both sides of the front cover to open the front panel
  • Gently pull them down to remove the filters from your indoor unit
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust on the filters or wash them with lukewarm water and neutral detergent
  • After washing them, dry them in the shade
  • Assemble back the filters after you completely dry them
  • You can check the side of the front panel to see if you correctly assembly them or not


The above is only the general rule of thumb. You should always refer to the user’s manual of your aircon for more detailed steps depending on your model.


LG aircon servicing tips


LG air conditioners are built to last, but they will need maintenance in order to sustain long-term performance.


Over time, the insides of your air conditioner may become clogged with dust. The internal components may become damaged because of the build-up of debris. These are just a few of the reasons to have your air conditioner serviced and cleaned.


But, how often should you service your LG aircon?


According to LG, the general principle to keep your aircon in tip-top shape are:

  • Schedule a professional aircon cleaning every four months
  • Make an appointment for a general aircon servicing that includes thorough cleaning and inspection of your outdoor unit at least once a year
  • Replace your remote control batteries once a year


At Purer Fresher Air, our general aircon servicing includes pre-service checks, cleaning, and condenser service. That means we will check and clean your indoor unit surface, drain pan and pipes, fan, and coils as instructed by LG.


To ensure your air conditioner is running optimally, schedule a service appointment with us whenever you need it. You can also chat with us through the floating WhatsApp button or call us at +65 9830 8224 before creating a service appointment.

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