How to Reduce Aircon Bill and Strike the Perfect Balance Between Comfort and Saving?

How to Reduce Aircon Bill and Strike the Perfect Balance Between Comfort and Saving?


Air conditioning is a great way to stay cool during the hot summer months. However, it can also be a major source of energy consumption. In fact, air conditioners account for the biggest energy use of households in countries such as Singapore or the United States. As a result, the air conditioning system can have a significant impact on your monthly energy bill.


How to save on the aircon bill?


There are a few simple ways to help reduce the cost of cooling your home. By taking these simple steps, you can help to keep your energy costs down to beat the heat.


Set it to the ideal AC temperature


Did you know that setting your air conditioner to the right temperature can help you save money on your energy bill? In fact, for every degree you raise the temperature, you can save up to $25 on your cooling costs. So what is the ideal temperature for saving money on your air conditioning bill?


The ideal AC temperature is 25˚C. Still, everyone’s comfort level is different, so you may need to experiment a bit to find the perfect setting for your home.


Shade your aircon from the sun


One easy way to help keep the cooling costs down is to ensure your air conditioner is adequately shaded from the sun. Here’s why: when your air conditioner is exposed to direct sunlight, it has to work harder to cool down your home, which uses more energy and drives up your bill. By shading your air conditioner, you can help it run more efficiently, which will save you money in the long run. Plus, it’ll keep your home cooler, so you won’t have to blast the AC as much. Win-win!


Clean your air conditioner


If you want to keep your electricity bills low, one of the best things you can do is keep your air conditioner clean. Dirt and dust buildup on your air conditioner’s coils will put more strain on your system. As a result, it will be less efficient and need more time to cool your space.


That is why taking a few minutes each month to clean the filter of your air conditioner can have a significant impact on your wallet. And since it’s also good for your health and the environment, there’s no downside to keeping your air conditioner clean.


Also, it is better to follow manufacturers’ suggestions about regular aircon servicing. Regular maintenance is good for keeping your aircon in good shape.


Turn it off while you sleep or use the TIMER feature


The outside temperature begins to drop as the sun sets. That makes the evening air tends to be cooler than the daytime hours. You can open a window before bedtime and enjoy the cool breeze without driving up your electricity bill.


However, if you are one of many people that sleep better with chilly air from your aircon, you can consider using the TIMER feature. Many air conditioners come with a timer feature that allows you to set the AC to turn off at specific times. This can be a great way to conserve energy and lower your electricity bill.


For example, you can turn on your AC when you want to unwind before bedtime and set it to turn off during the night automatically.


Invest in inverter air conditioners and good energy rating


Inverter air conditioners are a type of AC that is becoming increasingly popular due partly to their energy efficiency. Unlike traditional AC units, which operate at a fixed speed, inverter ACs can adjust their motor speed–without turning the motor ON and OFF–to match the desired temperature. As a result, they use less electricity and can help lower your energy bill.


In addition, you can also consider getting an aircon with an excellent energy rating. Models with high energy ratings use less electricity to run, which means they will cost you less to operate over time.


The bottom line is


Remember, the key is to take a few simple steps and be proactive about conserving energy. By following these tips, you can save money on your cooling bill while staying comfortable at home.

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