How to Clean Your Aircon According to Professional

How to Clean Your Aircon According to Professional


Knowing how to clean aircon could help you maintain its performance. A well-maintained aircon could work as efficiently as a brand new one. Since the amount of air intake will be stable, then the unit is not running under a heavy strain due to dirt.


On the contrary, your aircon will not blow cool and fresh air if you let dirt accumulate in it. A dirty aircon will also amp up the electricity needed to run it. As a result, you will pay more electricity bill.


To help you maintain your aircon, we provide the DIY steps to clean it. Be advised that the steps do not replace aircon service professional help.


Items you need to clean your aircon


It is easy to try the following DIY way. What you need in this how-to clean your aircon are items that most households in Singapore have. Here are the things you need to prepare:

  • A vacuum cleaner, preferably with a soft brush attachment
  • Sponge
  • A pair of gloves
  • Face mask
  • Dry cloth


The 11 DIY steps of how to clean your aircon according to professional


Following these steps could help prolong the lifespan of your aircon. Keep in mind that these do not substitute regular aircon servicing.


Dry the aircon


If you recently turn off your aircon, it is better to dry them first before cleaning it. You can dry the inside of your aircon by running it on “fan mode” for 30-40 minutes. The moisture within will evaporate afterwards.


Skip this step if the aircon has not been in use one or two hours before you want to clean it.


Read the user’s manual

reading user manual to understand how to clean aircon


Then, the first thing you have to do is check the user’s manual of your aircon. Reading the user’s manual will give you the necessary information. For example, you can find out how to locate the latches to remove certain parts of your aircon and how to attach them back again.


If you cannot find the printed user’s manual, you can try to find it on the internet. Usually, you can find it by searching the brand and type of your aircon along with the words “user’s manual”.


Completely switch off the unit


Before you perform any cleaning, make sure to turn off the unit altogether. Unplug any cables to prevent power from coming to the unit while you clean it. Also, flip down the circuit breaker that powers your aircon if you want to be entirely sure.


Use a plastic bag to cover the indoor unit


Next, prepare a large plastic bag after the aircon is no longer connected to the power source. Use the plastic bag to cover the indoor unit and its surrounding. The plastic bag will prevent dirt from making a mess on your floor or wall.


Detach the front panel of your indoor unit


After covering it, you can now detach the front panel of your indoor unit. You have to locate the latches that attach the front panel to your indoor unit. Once you find it, remove the panel carefully. Next, wash it with running water and let it dry afterwards.


Recheck the user manual if you forget where the latches are.


Lift and clean the dirty air or bacteria filter

air conditioner filter


You will see the air filter of your aircon after you detach the front panel. Lift it carefully and take it outside. Then, give the air filter a good shake to remove the dirt. You can also use a soft brush to brush off the dust.


Some dirt will still linger even after you brush it off. Vacuum the dirt with your vacuum cleaner to remove them altogether. Afterwards, you can soak them in water.


For an extremely filthy air filter, you must wash it in lukewarm water with detergent or a commercial cleaner made for aircon after you dust off the dirt.


Some models of aircon also have a bacteria filter alongside the air one. You can clean the bacteria filter just like you clean the air filter.


Clean the fins and coils


Aircon fins are a set of metallic lines, and aircon coils are the rounded metal pieces at the centre of your indoor unit. You can find them easily after you remove the front panel and air filter. Once you locate them, vacuum the dirt that accumulates on those surfaces.


Cleaning these parts usually are better with a pressure washer. However, most households do not have this item. That is why we recommend that you do not try to use these DIY ways to substitute professional service.


Dry before you attach all the parts back

wiping water that is leaking or dripping out of aircon

Before we go to the next step of how to clean your aircon, let’s dry the parts that you wash with water. All you have to do is air dry them after washing them with water.


However, some material may not be able to stand sunlight. So, you need to dry the parts away from direct sunlight.


You can go to the next steps while you leave them to dry.


Unclog the drain line


One of many common air conditioner problems is water leaking out of the aircon. The culprit could be a clogged drain line. Therefore, you do not want your drain line to become clogged by debris, dirt, or even mould.


Here are what you can do to unclog the drain line:

  • Detach the line from your unit
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt in it
  • Flush the inside with running water
  • Air-dry the inside of your drain line for at least an hour


Vacuum the outdoor unit


Dirt on the outdoor unit will also cause strain for your air conditioner system. So, you have to vacuum the outdoor unit to clean the dust that may accumulate over time. Also, make sure that you sweep or clean the area around the outdoor unit regularly.


Then, for the internal components of the outdoor unit, please leave them to the professional.


Run the aircon for 15 minutes

turn on your aircon after you clean it


Since you already clean the indoor and outdoor units, it is time to reattach all the parts that you remove. Please make sure they are dry before you place them back. Use your dry cloth to wipe them after you air-dry them.


After attaching them back, run your aircon for 15 minutes at the lowest temperature. This will drain out the remaining water if there is any. You will also feel the cooler and fresher air after you clean it.


Keep your aircon work efficiently


You already knew the DIY ways of how to clean your aircon. You can clean your aircon with those DIY steps every month. If you use your aircon frequently, we suggest you also do the extra step of cleaning your air filter every 14 days. All of these will help your aircon perform effectively.


As we mentioned, the DIY steps are not a replacement for professional servicing. Professional servicing will clean your aircon with a pressure washer. As a result, it could clean better, especially for the outdoor unit. It will also decrease the chance of you damaging parts and void the warranty if it is a brand new aircon.


Moreover, an aircon servicing professional could also perform chemical wash for your aircon. This will remove the mould that may potentially lead to health troubles.


When choosing for aircon servicing professional, please double-check that you pick BCA-certified constructors. They are more trustworthy and provide good service, such as not asking you to do the unnecessary gas top-up.

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