How to Choose an Aircon Company You Can Trust

How to Choose an Aircon Company You Can Trust


Singapore’s weather is, to put it mildly, far from perfect. The climate is hot and oppressive here. Of all our appliances, an air conditioner is one appliance we can’t live without.


In order for your aircon to work when you need it, it has to be installed and maintained properly by a reliable aircon company. You’ll also need them when problems happen in your aircon system.


The question is: how can you find someone you can trust to handle your air conditioning unit?


How to find a trustworthy aircon contractor


It’s easy to locate a reliable, affordable air conditioning contractor. This isn’t a treasure hunt. Here are some suggestions that can help you find an aircon service company that can be your go-to for years to come.


Ask for references


Request recommendations from family, friends, or neighbours. Choosing an aircon company from trusted referrals will likely lead to the best experience. The notion of affordable, high-quality service may differ from yours, but their suggestions provide a good starting point.

Check your favourite search engine


Use your favourite search engine to run a query. Try typing “aircon service” or “aircon service Singapore” into the search bar and see what comes up. You should see a list of all the air conditioning companies in Singapore that have an online presence.


Running a search on Google or other search engines can help to narrow down your options. Being on the first page of Google is a good indication of their reliability and is worth checking out.


What to look for when choosing an aircon company

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After getting some names and narrowing them down, it’s time to do your homework. Here are some signs of a trustworthy company.


Positive feedback from past clients


Positive customer reviews are the most vital indicators of quality service. Find out if your potential air conditioning company has excellent testimonials from past customers by looking at reviews on the internet or in your neighbourhood. Positive reviews increase the likelihood of a trustworthy company.


Purer Fresher Air, for example, has dozens of high-quality Google reviews and is one of Singapore’s most recommended air conditioning services.


A wealth of experience under its belt


A company that has been in business for some time will have acquired adequate skills and knowledge to provide efficient air-conditioning services. You may consider hiring an air conditioning company in Singapore with extensive experience in your area of need when deciding which one to hire. As a result, it increases the odds of receiving stellar service and on-time completion of the job. 


With an abundance of experience, they are also likely to have both the technical expertise and the knowledge needed to deal with various issues.


Provide a warranty


A good aircon company guarantees its work if they care about their service excellence.


In this day and age, every business offers some guarantee. For instance, an air conditioning contractor can provide a 100-day warranty on water leaks or can repair the unit with a 100-day warranty on the same part that failed. They will also explain the work they will perform and get your approval before starting any work.




Consider an air conditioning system contractor that offers a wide range of services under one roof for the sake of convenience. So you can save time and energy by not having to search for new air conditioner companies every time you need something done, including installation, maintenance, and repairs.


Rather than misguiding you with unnecessary services, such as aircon gas refills or hidden charges, a professional company will listen to your concerns, arrive on time, address your queries, guide you in the right direction for your aircon system.


A company that delivers excellent customer service, is highly communicative, and is easily accessible will make the journey of keeping your aircon running smoothly become a hassle-free business for you.


In Singapore, there is no shortage of air conditioning service and maintenance companies, so be sure to choose a company that respects you and your time.


Fair pricing


When choosing an air conditioner installation company, reasonable pricing is a critical factor. If you go for the bottom of the barrel price, you will risk a poorly done job. You don’t want to overpay either. Comparing three companies is a good idea to find out what you will get at different price points.


Think about fairness and the above-mentioned signs before making a decision.


Licensed contractor


The aircon service company you choose should have a valid license. The license indicates commitment, quality work, and dedication to service and maintenance procedures. To avoid any problems, it is a good idea to ask any prospective contractors who will come to your home if their employees are authorised to do aircon-related work.


Looking for an aircon service contractor in Singapore?


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