When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash?


The average daily temperature in Singapore is 27.3°C to 28.6°C. The maximum even can be 31-33°C during the day. Those temperatures mean our air conditioners (aircon) are under heavy usage, especially during these work-from-home and home-based learning days.


As a result, your aircon becomes a haven for dust, dirt, debris, even mould to accumulate within your system, be it the indoor or outdoor unit. Undoubtedly, you need an aircon chemical wash once in a while.


The question is: when do you need to do aircon chemical cleaning? Let’s dive deeper to get the answer now.


Why is it necessary to do aircon chemical wash?

aircon regular cleaning vs chemical cleaning


We already uncovered the difference between regular vs chemical cleaning for aircon.


Most of the time, a typical air conditioner cleaning focuses on regular professional cleaning, which is removing dirt and dust. On the other hand, a chemical wash focuses on preserving the freshest air after turning on your aircon.


Aircon chemical wash can help in keeping the air fresh without any foul smell due to these reasons:

  • Cleansing of aircon with special chemical solutions
  • High-pressure water jet to get rid of sticky debris and contaminants
  • Flush out trapped dirt in the drain lines


Hence, it is necessary to do it for your aircon.


When do you have to schedule an appointment for this service?



Making an appointment for chemical cleaning is essential to keep your aircon in great shape.


You’re probably wondering when is the best time to schedule the appointment. Please give your aircon contractor a call if you notice one or more of these signs:


  • Aircon emits black particles or dust
  • Unpleasant odour from aircon
  • Aircon only blows warm air
  • Cooling takes longer than usual
  • Unexplained increase in electricity bill
  • Water leak


Also, licensed technicians may recommend chemical cleaning if your aircon is an old unit or has not been serviced or cleaned in more than one year.


How often should you do aircon chemical cleaning?

aircon service performing aircon regular or chemical cleaning


Regular servicing for your aircon is necessary. Most manufacturers recommend you should schedule a professional service at least once a year.


But, what about the frequency of aircon chemical wash?


The process of non-dismantle or dismantle chemical wash usually involves:

  1. Partial or dismantling of the aircon
  2. Pre-service inspections of your system (indoor and outdoor unit)
  3. Chemical cleaning (thorough cleaning including vacuuming and flushing draining lines or pipes)
  4. Servicing of condenser, including gas pressure check and cleaning
  5. Findings and recommendations after cleaning and inspection


In other words, aircon chemical wash is a more thorough service than regular cleaning or servicing. Hence, once a year should be sufficient in most cases. You can do it once every two years if you give regular aircon servicing, preferably once every three months, for your aircon.


The bottom line of aircon chemical cleaning


All in all, regular aircon maintenance or servicing from licensed technicians is critical in maintaining the performance of your aircon. That service enables all components to be checked, any leaks to be identified early, and preventing minor issues from becoming more significant troubles.


That being said, you still need chemical cleaning for your aircon, especially if it’s an older unit.


At Purer Fresher Air, we can help if you are unsure whether your unit needs a chemical or regular cleaning. We always serve our customers with the utmost integrity—no unnecessary upselling guaranteed. Our customers have trusted us to service and clean their aircon for over 10,000 households since 2001.


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