10 Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair or Servicing

10 Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair or Servicing


A life pro tip: never let your aircon maintenance have to snowball into hefty repair costs.


That is because homeowners can prevent most troubles in an aircon system easily. Aside from regular maintenance, you can avoid costly repair by getting yourself familiar with issues in your aircon. Identify problems in the early stage can prevent them from getting more significant.


As a result, your aircon will not compromise the comfort and health of your family. That is why let’s take some time to learn ten signs when an aircon needs a repair.


The 10 signs you must repair your aircon


You must maintain the efficiency of your aircon with regular aircon servicing. Never neglect the advice from aircon manufacturers regarding regular maintenance. Most of these problems we are going to cover mostly happen due to bad maintenance.


Aircon only blows warm air

sweating because aircon not cold


The reason you buy an aircon is to cool your home.


However, one day, it just fails to do its job at the most inconvenient time. It only blows warm air. Some of the reasons it fails to blow refreshing cold air are:

  • Compressor malfunctioning
  • Leak in the system
  • Bad hygiene


If you notice your aircon does not blow cold air, that is a sign you need to schedule an appointment with your aircon contractor.


Short cycling


Short cycling in an aircon means your aircon shuts off prematurely, then run again after few minutes. In other words, your aircon can turn off and on. You should not ignore this problem; otherwise, your system will suffer significant damage.


Some things cause short cyclings, such as ice buildup on evaporator coils or troubles with your thermostat or remote controller.


Poor airflow


Have you ever noticed your aircon blows cold air, but the airflow feels restricted or weak? Although it seems fine at a glance, the restricted airflow makes it impossible for your aircon to cool your space evenly.


The poor airflow happens for various reasons, from a simple issue like dirty air filters to a complicated issue like a faulty blower or fan. Also, a failing compressor and troubles in the ductwork can make you push the button and schedule an aircon repair.


High humidity


You can say that an aircon is the best appliance to provide comfortable cooling for your home. Besides that main job, the aircon also helps in removing humidity. As a result, you do not experience that sticky or clammy feeling on your skin when you turn on your aircon.


Accordingly, a constant sticky feeling on your skin even after turning on your aircon can be a sign that your aircon fails to decrease indoor humidity. That can be a good indication of leaky ductwork or other troubles that must be inspected.


Loud noise


Do you know that, on average, an aircon usually emits 50-60 dB sound level? It is the average sound level of a regular face to face conversation.


That is why you need to book an aircon repair if your system makes too much noise. The noise in an aircon system can be a banging or clinking sound. Those loud or odd noises can happen due to various reasons:

  • Loose parts
  • Broken components
  • Debris


Frozen evaporator coil


The evaporator coil is an essential component in your aircon. Its job is to remove the heat from indoor air and transfer it to the refrigerant to continue the cycle. From then, you can feel the indoor starts to get chillier.


Some aircon troubles like a refrigerant leak or filthy air filters can cause ice to form on the evaporator coil. It is best to reach your go-to technicians when this occurs.



common aircon problem can blow bad odour


Odours coming out of your aircon is also a sign it needs a repair. Aircon is not supposed to blow air with a pungent smell. A strong smell after you turn on your aircon can indicate troubles, such as:

  • Burned wire in the system
  • Mould on the components, especially if it is a musty smell
  • Dirty coils
  • Clogged drain lines


Gas leak


Gas or refrigerant in your aircon can leak. It can happen due to improper installation or wear and tear on the piping system. Some signs of a refrigerant leak in an aircon are weak airflow, warm airflow, and a noisier system.


Be advised that a refrigerant or gas leak is dangerous and should be handled by a professional.


Water leak


A water leak may be the most common sign your aircon needs a repair. It can happen because of a clogged condensation line. The clogged line makes it impossible for the line to remove excess condensation. As a result, the excess condensation can lead up to a frozen coil or leak out and create a puddle of water on your floor.


A sudden increase in electricity bills


Do you experience a sudden increase in electricity bills although you do not have any new electrical appliances or extra electricity usage?


That could indicate troubles in your aircon system. That is possible since your aircon does not perform efficiently, like taking a long time to cool your space.


Do you notice signs your aircon needs repair?


If you experience any of those problems, it is best to schedule an appointment with your aircon contractor. At Purer Fresher Air, we can handle the repairs without unnecessary upselling. We adhere to the strict no middleman operation and can guarantee that your aircon is repaired by our technicians.


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