6 Common Aircon Problems and Their Solutions

6 Common Aircon Problems and Their Solutions


An air conditioner is almost necessary because of the hot and humid weather in Singapore. A statistic shows the proportion of households with aircon in Singapore sits at 76%. Then, 98.8% of condominiums have aircon installed at their property.


Due to its importance in creating an excellent environment to sleep, you have to know common aircon problems and their solutions. Hence, you will know what to do when they happen.


Your aircon does not turn on at all


It is scary when you see your aircon does not turn on when you press the button. That can happen due to a lack of power. There are so many things that can cause a lack of power, such as:

  • Blown fuse
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Broken or loose wiring
  • Issues in thermostat




If you feel or hear nothing when you turn on your aircon, the first troubleshooting to help with this issue is to check whether batteries in the remote need a replacement or not.


Suppose there is no issue with the batteries, take a look at your circuit breaker and identify if it is tripped or there’s a blown fuse. Switch it on again to see if your aircon works again or not if it’s tripped.


If the circuit breaker trips again, there may be troubles with your home’s wiring. It is best to call your electrician to take a look at it. Also, they can help to replace your blown fuse.


No cool and chilly air

dirty air filter is the cause of common aircon problem
A dirty air filter can be the culprit of common aircon problems


Aircon helps to transform the tropical weather of our country into cooler air for our home. However, some troubles make aircon cannot do its job as expected sometimes. The possible common causes are a dirty air filter that blocks the airflow of your aircon or simply a wrong setting on the remote or thermostat.




Check your remote or thermostat and ensure the setting is already correct like it is set to cool your room.


You can also take a look at the air filter of your aircon. You can do it by lifting the front panel following the instruction in the user’s manual of your aircon. If it’s dirty, give it a good shake, brush off or vacuum the dust, soak it in water, and let it dry before attaching it back.


Ice buildup within the unit


The accumulation of dirt and dust within your unit can restrict the airflow within your unit. It stops the unit from getting the air needed to transform outdoor air into the cool air you want. The lack of necessary airflow will cause ice to form on the evaporator coil.




Turn off your aircon entirely for a few hours to let the ice melt naturally. Then, prepare a dry cloth or towel. Place it underneath your aircon to collect any water that comes from the melting ice.


Afterwards, clean the air filter of your aircon once the ice has melted entirely. The solution should solve the problem. However, if ice keeps forming within your aircon, it is best to call your go-to aircon servicing company.


Refrigerant leak


Warm air and forming ice are common aircon problems. Often, the culprit is due to an issue of irregular maintenance. However, the cause can also be a refrigerant (gas) leak.


Besides warm air and ice buildup, typical signs of a refrigerant leak are:

  • Cooling takes a longer time
  • Hissing sound from the indoor unit
  • A sudden increase in electricity bill




Solving this issue requires a licensed constructor. You have to dial your regular HVAC professional that can perform an aircon gas top-up. A trustworthy constructor will check your AC from signs of a refrigerant leak, ensuring the refrigerant is in the correct amount, not more or less than the recommended.


Water leak


Water can leak out of your aircon. As we mentioned, water that comes out of your aircon can be from a block of melting ice on your evaporator coils. Another cause is a clogged drain system.




Both ice buildup and clogged drain system mostly happen as a result of a dirty unit. Therefore, you can eliminate these problems by maintaining the cleanliness of your aircon. Clean your filter regularly every 30 days or perform regular aircon maintenance with a certified aircon constructor. A certified constructor can inspect and clean the drain system of your aircon.


Odour in the room

common aircon problem can blow bad odour


Have you ever turned on your aircon, and a distinctive and unpleasant smell is coming from it? It happens because of sticky debris, mould, or dust within the system of your aircon. Another possible reason is the odour is coming from the surrounding of your split ac unit.




Suppose you suspect it is coming from outside your house, you have to check the surrounding of your outdoor unit and clean the area.


If a dirty unit is a culprit, then the solution is to arrange an aircon chemical wash. A typical chemical overhaul from HVAC professional will clean your aircon thoroughly. Some differences between a chemical and regular wash are:

  • Your HVAC professional will disassemble your aircon to clean and inspect your aircon extensively
  • Chemical clean use a high-pressure washer
  • Using special chemical solutions


The key takeaway


Common aircon problems mostly happen due to a lack of maintenance. Hence, the best preventative measure you can take is to give it regular maintenance and cleaning. By doing so, you will prolong its lifespan and avoiding hefty repair cost.

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