Aircon Modes, Symbols and Functions Explained

Aircon Modes, Symbols and Functions Explained


Air conditioning is a fantastic way to keep cool and comfortable during the summer. However, it might be tough to figure out what buttons and features on your air conditioner remote control do. There are many symbols that indicate different functions.


Some specific air conditioning units and models have unique symbols or functions on their remote control.


Since they are also a key component of any room AC unit, let’s explore what they do!




off on symbol air conditioner


The ON/OFF button is simple to understand. This is one of the most common air conditioning remote symbols. It switches on or off your air conditioning system.

power symbol air conditioner



plus minus temperature symbol air conditioner


The PLUS/MINUS button is used to adjust the temperature of your space. It can also turn the fan on or off in some aircon models. When you press the PLUS (+) button, the temperature will increase by one degree. When you press the MINUS (-) button, the temperature will decrease by one degree.


Common aircon mode and their symbols explained


cool dry fan symbol air conditioner


The previous functions or symbols that we mentioned are pretty self-explanatory. It’s different from the symbols or functions that we will explain. They can be confusing, but these are some of the conventional modes most aircon manufacturers provide. You should be aware of these functions because they have many benefits for homeowners.


Cool mode


Most of us get an air conditioner to run it in this mode. In cool mode, the air conditioner runs at a desired possible temperature setting to provide the greatest cooling comfort. Use this mode if you want a significant decrease in the room’s temperature as quickly as possible.


As a result, this can be the most energy-intensive mode. In modern aircon models, your aircon system will turn off its compressor once it senses your room has reached the desired temperature that you set.


Fan mode


Fan mode is one of the most common features of an air conditioner remote control. It simply turns on the fan to circulate cool air around the room. If you want a mild breeze and don’t need to decrease the room’s temperature drastically, fan mode should be your go-to mode.


This mode is one of the most energy-efficient since it uses the internal fan without using the compressor function.


Dry mode


In dry mode, the AC unit will operate at a low fan speed to circulate the air in the room. This mode is designed to extract more moisture from the air. This can be helpful for people who are congested or have allergies, as it can help reduce the amount of moisture in the air.


Heat mode

heat mode symbol air conditioner


Instead of transferring the warm air outside, your aircon will eject chilly air in your room in Heat mode. It will keep bringing warm air to your space, making it a perfect mode to heat your room.


Auto mode

auto symbol air conditioner


Auto mode is a function on many air conditioning systems that allows the unit to adjust its cooling power automatically in response to changing room conditions. When in auto mode, the AC unit will constantly monitor the temperature and humidity in the room and make changes as necessary to keep things comfortable.


For example, your air conditioner will match your desired temperature and then work to keep it there. The system will then alter the compressor and fan speed to save more energy after reaching the set temperature.


Eco mode


Eco mode is a feature in many air conditioners that saves energy and electricity bills.


How is that possible?


When eco mode is enabled, it utilises your compressor and fan to cool the room without much power. As a result, the air conditioner runs at a lower speed and uses less power.


Turbo mode


Turbo mode is a function of an air conditioning system that allows the compressor and the fan to run at a higher speed. This mode is used to cool or heat a space more quickly. Some manufacturers also call this mode high power, jet, or power mode.


Aircon remote control symbols and functions described

air conditioner symbol indicator remote control


You will also find numerous symbols for various functions on your aircon remote control. Below is a list of some common symbols and their corresponding function.


Fan speed


The fan in your air conditioner is the part that discharges cool or warm air into your space. Through fan speed, you can regulate the speed at which you can control the cooling or heating. Most of the time, it consists of four fan settings: low, medium, high, and auto. The auto fan mode regulates the fan speed in reaction to the current temperature and the intended temperature objective. The higher the fan speed, the faster the fan will work.


Timer setting


Timer setting is a function that allows you to program your air conditioner to turn on and off at certain times. This is useful for those who want to save energy or want their home to be cool or warm when they arrive. You can refer to the user manual to set the timer since every manufacturer has a different way to set it up.


Air swing control


Homeowners can use air swing control to adjust the airflow direction in an air conditioner. Depending on whether your air conditioner supports it, modern ACs can swing left, right, up, or down.


Quiet mode


Some air conditioners feature a quiet mode, which allows the system to run the fan at minimal speed, resulting in a more tranquil environment. This setting is generally utilised when the air conditioner is in a space where noise is not welcome, such as during the night.


Mitsubishi aircon symbols


3D i-See Sensor

3d i see sensor mitsubishi air conditioner symbol


The Mitsubishi 3D i-See Sensor is a technology that allows the air conditioner to sense movement in the room and adjust the set temperature accordingly to sensible temperatures and heat signatures of occupants in the room.


This sensor aids the system in adjusting its cooling power as needed to save more electricity.


For example, if after 10 minutes no persons are detected by the unit, it will automatically switch to an energy-saving mode and lower power consumption even more after 60 minutes. The device will resume regular function once a person enters the space.



purifier symbol mitsubishi air conditioner


The purifier in a Mitsubishi air conditioner helps remove impurities from the air inside your home with the help of its plasma filter. This can help to improve your indoor air quality.


Econo cool

econo cool symbol mitsubishi air conditioner


Econo Cool is Mitsubishi’s eco mode for their air conditioners. Econo Cool will make the air conditioner adjust the temperature a few degrees, making it more efficient. It will also make the vanes swing to minimise any loss of thermal comfort. This mode is perfect for those who want to save energy without sacrificing comfort.


Daikin aircon symbols


Intelligent eye

intelligent eye symbol daikin air conditioner


The Daikin’s intelligent eye sensor picks up on human movement. If no one is in the room for more than 20 minutes, the device changes to energy-saving mode automatically. It is helpful for energy saving.


Comfort airflow

comfort airflow symbol daikin air conditioner


This function blocks cold air from blowing directly on the occupants of the space. For instance, the airflow will be upward in COOL and DRY mode.



econo symbol daikin air conditioner


The ECONO mode limits the maximum power consumption, enabling efficient operation for your system. This function is useful when the air conditioner is used with other appliances on the same circuit. As a result, you can prevent a tripped circuit breaker.


Fujitsu aircon symbol


Weekly timer

weekly timer symbol fujitsu air conditioner


The weekly timer on Fujitsu air conditioners is a great feature that allows you to set the timer to turn the air conditioner on or off at specific times each week. Please refer to the user manual of your Fujitsu aircon for a detailed explanation of how to use it.


LG aircon symbols


Air purification

air purification ionizer lg air conditioner


LG’s air purification system distributes clean and fresh air throughout your area. It cleans the air of pollutants via the aid of an ioniser and filters. This feature may be used without turning on the air conditioner.



silent mode symbol lg air conditioner


Just like any other silent mode in other aircons, this function reduces the noise generated by your outdoor unit.


Auto clean

auto clean symbol lg air conditioner


Your aircon will generate moisture when using a particular mode, such as Cooling or Dehumidification mode. The auto clean function from LG will remove such moisture from your space when you use it.


Samsung aircon symbols


Virus doctor

virus doctor symbol samsung air conditioner


According to Samsung, the virus doctor function introduces positive ions to the airflow coming from your Samsung aircon.



comfort indicator samsung air conditioner


The comfort function provides occupants with mild cooling. This is a suitable mode if you do not desire a cooling effect that is too strong.


Single user

single user symbol samsung air conditioner


This is an energy-saving feature from Samsung. If you are alone at home, you can use this feature to minimise energy consumption. It is possible by using inverter technology and adjusting the compressor’s maximum operating capacity.


It is essential to comprehend the symbols and mode in an air conditioning remote control. Understanding them allows you to use your unit efficiently. What we have reviewed will help you learn most of the air conditioner operations and symbols.


For a detailed explanation, it is important to check the user manual of your aircon.

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