Beware of 7 Aircon Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Often Make

Beware of 7 Aircon Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Often Make


Do you know that the average’s household energy use is for space cooling? Based on the National Environment Agency (NEA), air conditioning units account for 24% of the electricity usage for the average household. That is why it is essential to keep your aircon in check with regular servicing and avoiding common maintenance mistakes.


Why is it important? An improperly maintained aircon could make you consume more energy—with the number is estimated around 5% to 15%. Let’s explore further what you can do to save on the electricity cost when running an aircon at your place.


7 common aircon maintenance mistakes you should avoid


You can avoid seven mistakes to keep your aircon runs effectively or stop the electricity bill from blowing through the roof.


Rarely clean the air filter

dirty aircon filter


The easiest way to make your aircon run efficiently is by cleaning the air filter regularly.


A dirty filter decreases the airflow to your aircon, making it not run effectively. It is a place for dust, dirt, and even allergens. All these make your aircon runs under heavier strain, leading to more electricity bill you have to pay.


You can avoid this mistake by cleaning your filter regularly, preferably every 30 days.


Excessive filter cleaning


Do not be surprised—although you should keep your air filter clean, cleaning it frequently can also be a mistake. The reason because a washable filter may have materials that wear over time.


The washable filter can indeed stand a routine cleaning. Still, an excessive cleaning increases the chance of the filter falling apart sooner than expected.


No regular maintenance

how to clean aircon


Regular aircon maintenance is the best thing you can do for your aircon and electricity bill.


What happens if you are simply not doing it for your aircon?

  • Your aircon will not run effectively, leading to an increase in power consumption
  • Missing out on minor issues that can become major ones, making them heftier to be repaired
  • Shorter lifespan


Therefore, let your aircon run optimally by giving it regular servicing.


Failure to clean the drain line


A drain line is a tube or hose that brings water from your unit to a designated place outside your place. It can become clogged due to everyday use due to a buildup of algae, mould, and wet clumps of dust or dirt.


If the blockage happens, the drain line will not function properly. It may result in overflowing water that leaks out of your aircon.


As a result, failure to maintain its function will result in a dirty aircon that either causes trouble in the future or simply makes you spend more on energy usage.


Self-diagnosing your aircon


Do not make the mistake of self-diagnosing your aircon. Troubleshooting an aircon needs a complete understanding of how it works.


Think of an aircon like a human body—you cannot self-diagnosing your condition, based on what you find through Google, without the knowledge and experience of medical professionals.


Hence, when you notice a sign of trouble in your aircon, it is better to give a call to your aircon service professional. A reputable company, like Purer Fresher Air, has become a certified BCA-constructor for a reason.


A reputable aircon service constructor can help maintain, repair, and tell you the complete story of troubles you see on your aircon.


Ignoring the importance of chemical cleaning

aircon chemical cleaning process


Please do not make the same mistakes which some people discount an aircon chemical wash before even considering it. There are certain components of your aircon that can benefit from a chemical cleaning:

  • Coils
  • Drain lines
  • Fan scroll and barrel


A chemical cleaning is also suitable for an aircon that rarely gets the service it needs, emits dark particles, and does not blow cold air.


Overdue air filter replacement


Usually, air filters only need routine cleaning and checking. However, if it is past their lifespan, it is better to replace it. Filters that must be replaced do not work optimally because they can no longer filter the dirt and dust, making your system inefficient since the internal components are dirty now.


The typical signs of filters that need a replacement are they become thinner, and homeowners can easily see the light through the filters. However, it is still the best idea to ask for the recommendation of your aircon service constructor first.


The bottom line to keep your aircon run efficiently


Avoiding the seven mistakes that we mentioned can preserve your aircon’s lifespan and save up on electricity bill costs.


Also, as a homeowner, the easiest thing you can do is cleaning your filter regularly. Then, leave the essential maintenance and cleaning to a professional, like Purer Fresher Air. We are a certified constructor that believes in serving our customers with the utmost integrity. Book your aircon service now with us.

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