Reasons Why Water is Leaking or Dripping From Your Aircon and How to identify them

Reasons Why Water is Leaking or Dripping From Your Aircon and How to identify them


Should you be worried?


Is it normal for an air conditioner to leak water? Depending on the exact circumstances, it can be typical for this to happen. The water originates from water vapour in the air that condenses on the air conditioner.


A certain amount of condensation is normal while the air conditioner is switched on. As the air conditioner runs, it inevitably cools the air and can lower the air temperature below the dew point, causing condensation. A small amount of water leakage should not be seen as a problem.


However, is your air conditioner leaking a lot of water, or leaking water even when not switched on? Either should be a cause for concern. An excessive amount of aircon leak would be present if, for example, so much water pools below your air conditioner that you have to place a bucket to contain the leaking water.


Such a phenomenon should be addressed as quickly as possible. Unless the furniture is waterproofed or designed to resist such conditions, the leaking water can wreak havoc on affected furniture and other features within your house.


Before proceeding to examine the exact cause of the leak, the user is recommended to cease operation of the air conditioner and clean or mop up the leaked water. This is to protect the surrounding objects near the air conditioner.


Causes of an aircon leak


In a nutshell, an aircon leak can be caused by the improper functioning of a specific component(s).


A fault in the installation process


What this is: When an air conditioner is installed, parts have to be fitted meticulously and in the right position. A failure to do so can result in the abnormal operation of the air conditioner, including an excessive leaking of water.


The most common way in which this occurs is as follows. Water usually flows downwards into the drainage pipe to be removed from the air con unit. If the drainage pipe is not positioned at an appropriate height, water from your indoor unit will fail to flow into the drainage pipe. Thus, water can accumulate in the aircon unit. Once this occurs to a sufficient degree, water will begin leaking from your aircon. 


For a new or newly installed air conditioner, this is the most likely reason for a leak. After all, the other possible causes of a leaking air conditioner are ones that become increasingly likely to occur the longer the time period for which the air conditioner has operated. 


Tip:  This can be rectified by repositioning the installed component correctly. This often requires the services of a trained professional. The best way to guard against such a phenomenon is to hire a qualified and experienced service provider for your aircon installation needs. 


Clogged aircon filter

dirty aircon filter


What this is: As the air con operates, air passes through a filter so that the air is cleaned via the removal of dust and other impurities. Dirt accumulating on the filter can eventually cause aircon leakage.


If the filter is not cleaned regularly, the accumulation of dirt means that airflow through the air conditioner can become considerably restricted. Lots of cold air can be confined in a restricted space within the air conditioner and cause it to freeze over. Eventually, the ice would turn to water and can manifest as dripping water.


Tip: Filters can be cleaned roughly every two weeks or so to prevent this. Additionally, regular maintenance and servicing by a trained professional will also mean that you will be informed if the filter ever needs to be replaced.


Insufficient refrigerant

aircon gas refill


What this is: Refrigerant is critical to the functioning of an air conditioner as it facilitates the process of heat transfer between various components of the aircon. With suboptimal levels of refrigerant, various processes can fail and eventually result in leaking water.


Specifically, if there is a refrigerant leak in your aircon system, the level of refrigerant may be too low. This means that too little heat may be transferred to your air con’s coils, resulting in them freezing over as well. As with the above, the ice is likely to eventually turn into water and manifest as dripping water.


Tip: Low levels of refrigerant may be identified by your aircon having a subdued cooling effect, or in certain cases, burbling sounds coming from your aircon. This can be resolved by having a technician refill the refrigerant to an adequate level.


Obstructed drain line


What this is: An obstruction in the drain line can lead to water accumulation in the unit and eventually dripping water.


A drainage system helps prevent condensation from building up within your aircon system. While the abnormal operation of a drainage system can be caused by improper installation, this may also be a result of a gradually built up obstruction. Water accumulates as it cannot be drained out, which will eventually manifest as leaking water.


Tip: Removing a clog in the drain line is a relatively simple process. Once the aircon unit is turned off and the electricity supply is disconnected, the user may locate the drain line near the condenser unit. Then, the drain line can be cleaned via a brush, vacuum cleaner, or manually. 


A poor-condition drain pan


What this is: Water first collects in the drain pan before being funnelled out by the drain line. A failure at this point can lead to the drain pan dripping water instead of properly funnelling out water from the system.


A drain pan can fail for a number of reasons. It could rust, crack, or warp, and a combination of these phenomena can prevent the drain pan from properly fulfilling its function. 

Tip: The issue can be resolved by simply replacing the drain pan. An aircon technician would also be able to do this for you.

Resolving the leak

aircon service performing aircon regular or chemical cleaning


How should an aircon leak be resolved?


This article has explained that an aircon leak can be caused by poorly-handled (or malfunctioning) air con components. Should it be the former, then the problem might be resolved by hiring the repair services of a trained professional. This often suffices to swiftly resolve the problem.  The problem may also be prevented from recurring in future by regular maintenance and servicing of the air conditioner’s components.


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