5 Reasons Why Water Is Leaking or Dripping From Your Aircon and How to Prevent Them

5 Reasons Why Water Is Leaking or Dripping From Your Aircon and How to Prevent Them


Admit it. If you’re reading this, you have probably had experience with water that is leaking or dripping from your aircon.


Whether it’s the messy condensation pooling under your ac unit or the annoying sound of droplets thudding away in the dead of night, an aircon that leaks water is often always going to be a pain in the neck.


But why does it happen, and what can you do about it? When do you need to call your aircon servicing company? Uncover the answers in the following sections.


Five reasons why your aircon is leaking or dripping water


Here are five common reasons behind the dreaded issue and steps you can take to prevent the aircon from messing up your day.


A dirty filter

dirty aircon filter


As un-intuitive as this may seem, a dirty aircon filter is probably one of the most prevalent and common causes behind a leaking aircon problem.


Caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust and small particles over time, a dirty or clogged air filter restricts cold airflow, leading to a build-up of cold air within the air conditioning unit and the freezing of the evaporator coil.


When the evaporator coil eventually melts, the excess water may overflow from the drainage pan, causing water to leak from the aircon unit.


A blocked drain line


Contrary to what you may think, it is normal for water to form within your aircon unit. 


Water naturally forms when the air at room temperature condenses upon passing through the aircon’s internal evaporator coil to be cooled. In most instances, this moisture produced will flow into a condensate drain line that leads out of your home, mitigating the issue. 


Given the drain line’s role in allowing water to flow out of the aircon, another common reason for a leaking aircon is a blocked drain line. When drain lines are clogged due to a build-up of substances accumulate in the drain, it leads to a delay in water flow out of the aircon. That can lead to excess water stock and spillage.


Incorrect installation


Previously we mentioned that a detached drain line could lead to water leakage. Another reason that could lead to this issue is due to improper installation.


If it is a brand new one, there is a chance of error when installing the air conditioner. For instance, the position of the drainpipe is not lower than your indoor unit. As a result, the water does not flow downwards, pools in your unit, and start dripping out of your aircon.


Generally speaking, you can avoid this problem by choosing a BCA-certified aircon installation to install your aircon unit.


Problems on your drain pan


The inevitable result of everyday use is wear and tear that could occur in your unit. In the case of the drain pan, ordinary use could lead to:

  • Rusty drain pan
  • Cracked or hole on the drain pan


The broken drain pan cannot hold water as it used to be. Consequently, the water may leak into your home.


Incorrect amount of gas or refrigerant level


A low refrigerant (gas) level could be the reason for the puddle of water on your floor. The main reason a low refrigerant level plays its part in this mess is that it worsens your unit’s pressure. In effect, ice is forming on your evaporator coil and cause water flooding when it melts.


The decrease of the refrigerant level is possible due to a malfunction. The signs of refrigerant leak usually are:

  • Hissing sound
  • Bubbling sound
  • The blowing air is not as cool as it should be


On the other hand, you have to be wary of an unnecessary refrigerant refill. It is a misconception that your air conditioner needs a regular refill. Only do gas top up when necessary, such as when your aircon service constructor shows you that the level is under the required level.


Preventing leaking water from your aircon

how to clean aircon


An air conditioner is a must-have household appliance in Singapore. The climate is hot, and you need an aircon to change the hot air into a cool one for your room.


For this reason, you want to prevent water from leaking out of your aircon so you can enjoy a pleasant temperature that helps your sleep quality during the night. You can prevent it by doing simple DIY ways to clean your aircon, for instance:

  • Clean your air filter every 30 days
  • Regularly unclog the drain line if you have a wet or dry vacuum
  • Check whether the drain line is attached properly or not; vibrations could also loosen the hose


You can do the steps above without professional help.


However, you still need heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professional to perform regular maintenance for your aircon. As such, if you have yet to service or clean your aircon over the past months, consider contacting us. 


Purer Fresher Air can perform regular maintenance, aircon leaking service, a thorough chemical wash, or an air filter replacement to troubleshoot any aircon problems in Singapore. Our range of services will help clear your air filter of any unwanted particles, cooler airflow, greater energy efficiency, and lower electricity consumption.


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