Aircon Gas Refill Is Not Always Necessary, Here Is Why

Aircon Gas Refill Is Not Always Necessary, Here Is Why


Do you know that eight out of every ten households in Singapore have air conditioners? In recent years, an aircon has become a must-have based on the latest statistics from the Singapore Department of Statistics. It is understandable because an aircon is the most effective appliance for cooling your home’s indoor space.


And one of the reasons why your aircon can transform warm air into cool air is its refrigerant (also known as aircon gas, or freon). As a result, your aircon service contractors may suggest you refill the gas if they do not blow cool air anymore.


You’re probably wondering, is it needed, though?


Here’s the thing: it is not always necessary. Let’s uncover the reason now.


What are aircon gas and aircon refill or re-gassing?


In general, an aircon gas (refrigerant) is a gas that transforms heat from the environment into cool air that you enjoy.


The aircon system has many components in it. Every part works tandemly to ensure your system performs efficiently. And the combination of gas and other parts will bring a chilly airflow to your indoor space.


Without the correct amount of gas, the system would not work as you expect.


Therefore, an aircon gas refill (also known as gas top-up or re-gassing) removes existing gas from the system and replaces it with “fresh” gas. Keep in mind that it is not just adding gas to a current supply; it should be replaced.


So, is an aircon gas refill necessary?


An aircon gas refill is not regularly required. There are no such things as stale or expired gas that will need you to refill your aircon’s gas.


In fact, according to Daikin, an aircon gas refill will never be necessary if it is installed correctly. That is why you need to go for a BCA-certified aircon installation to install your aircon.


The most common reason you will need an aircon gas refill is when there is a leak.


Signs of an aircon gas or refrigerant leak


An aircon gas leak is the only reason you need a refill. Signs of gas or refrigerant leak are:

  • The aircon is blowing warm air
  • Low airflow
  • A sudden increase in electricity bills
  • A noisier system, like bubbling noises within the system


They can happen due to improper installation, leading to improperly tightened pipes. Also, wear and tear can occur on pipes because of everyday use.


If you notice any signs of a gas leak, you must reach your aircon service company. Exposure to those chemicals can bring harm to your health.


How often do you need to top up aircon gas?


The key takeaway is you rarely need aircon gas top-up unless there is a leak.


You can avoid unnecessary gas refill by going for a trusted and certified aircon service contractor in servicing your aircon. At Purer Fresher Air, we do not suggest this service easily because the most common reason an aircon runs poorly is due to poor maintenance.


And if we think you need a gas top-up, our team will perform a series of tests first before jumping to that conclusion. We will also look for signs of refrigerant leaks and show you the amount of refrigerant in your system.


And the good news: you can use our hassle-free appointment system, book your aircon service now.

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