Aircon Condenser Problems That Can Occur

Aircon Condenser Problems That Can Occur


The aircon condenser is an essential component of every air conditioning system. It houses parts such as the compressor, a blower fan, motor, capacitors, and condenser coils. In layman’s terms, it is what people often refer to as an outdoor unit.


In how aircon works, your system will take the warm indoor air and blow it over cold evaporator coils in your indoor unit. The refrigerant in those coils will absorb the heat and transfer it to the aircon condenser. Then, the condenser releases the heat into the air outside.


As you can imagine, a malfunction in the condenser would give the heat nowhere to go and fail to cool your home. Here are some of the most common causes of air conditioning condenser problems.


Restricted airflow


A condenser unit with restricted airflow can overheat and cause extensive damage to the system. The compressor can also fail, which will result in the unit needing to be replaced. Additionally, a lack of airflow can cause the unit to freeze, resulting in ice buildup on the coil. This ice buildup can prevent the unit from cooling properly and cause the unit to fail.


Your condenser unit must have adequate breathing room to function properly. If you have plants, trees, or other objects in the path of your condenser unit’s wind flow, they will obstruct the airflow and make it more difficult for your equipment to properly direct air over the coils.


If you notice that your condenser unit is not cooling as well as it should, or if it seems to be working harder than usual, it is important to have a professional check it out. Restrictions in airflow can be caused by several things, such as dust and dirt buildup, leaves and other debris, or even a damaged fan. A professional can clean the unit and clear any restrictions, ensuring that it will operate at peak efficiency.


Filthy coils

aircon coils


Dirty air conditioner condenser coils make the system unable to transfer heat to the air outside effectively. It will also make your system work harder than necessary, resulting in higher energy bills. The worst thing that can happen is a compressor failure, leading to a hefty repair cost.


To keep your air conditioner running smoothly, schedule an aircon servicing or cleaning every year. This will help remove any dirt or debris clogging the coils and prevent common aircon condenser problems.


Bent fins


If something touches the condenser unit’s fins, they can easily be bent. And what will happen if your condenser unit has so many bent fins? They might obstruct the flow of air through it.


If the air conditioner condenser fin is bent, it will not be able to properly cool the air inside of the unit, which could lead to an increase in energy usage and a decrease in the overall cooling capacity of the air conditioner.


Fan issues


There is a fan in your condenser unit. Its function is to blow the heat to the outdoor air as well as help with the airflow in your system. Various issues can occur with the fan.


Common condenser fan problems are a worn fan belt, motor and wiring problems. The heat release process will be affected if those issues distract how the fan operates. As a result, your system will fail to cool your space as expected.


Refrigerant leak


A refrigerant leak in a condenser unit can cause the air conditioner to lose its ability to cool the home. In addition, a refrigerant leak can also cause damage to the compressor, which is responsible for circulating the coolant throughout the system. If the compressor is damaged, it will be unable to disseminate the coolant effectively, causing further damage to the air conditioner.


Things you can do to avoid aircon condenser issues

how often should you perform aircon cleaning


The air conditioner condenser is a vital component of any cooling system, and it is important to keep it in good working order. Unfortunately, condensers are often the source of common air conditioning problems. Fortunately, a few simple steps can be taken to avoid these problems.


First, be sure to clean the condenser regularly. This will help prevent the buildup of dirt and debris, which can damage the unit. Second, be sure to check the condenser for leaks on a regular basis. A refrigerant gas leak can cause the unit to lose refrigerant, leading to inefficient operation and increased energy costs. Finally, be sure to have your aircon serviced by a qualified technician at least once a year.


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