Manufacturers’ Recommendations on Periodic Aircon Cleaning

Manufacturers’ Recommendations on Periodic Aircon Cleaning


Do you know that regularly cleaning your aircon can help you save up to 15% in electricity consumption?


Yes, you read it right. A dirty filter can put a strain on the performance of your aircon, potentially increasing your electricity bill. That is why you need to perform periodic aircon cleaning.


But, when do you need to schedule an appointment with your aircon service contractor? Let’s find out the suggestion from popular aircon manufacturers.


Why should you clean your aircon?


An aircon needs regular maintenance. On the other hand, irregular cleaning increase the chance of dust and dirt buildup. They can accumulate in the fans, fins, coils, and other parts of your aircon.


Besides, regular cleaning for aircon gives these benefits:

  • Maintain its efficiency
  • Preserve its lifespan
  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Save money on electricity bill
  • Prevent, detect, or address minor issues before they grow bigger and bring hefty repair cost
  • Prevent mould from growing


In summary, regular cleaning helps your aircon perform efficiently. It can cool the space properly without making your electricity bill go through the roof.


Recommendations from manufacturers for aircon cleaning

reading user manual to understand how to clean aircon


These are the recommendations from popular AC manufacturers when it comes to aircon cleaning. Following the advice can prevent your AC from collecting dust or dirt.


LG air conditioner


LG users must clean aircon regularly to prevent possible breakdown while maintaining optimal performance.


According to LG Owner’s Manual, the air filters in your LG aircon must be cleaned periodically. The recommended cleaning interval for each type of filter:

  • Antibacterial air filter: every two weeks
  • Antibacterial filter: every two weeks
  • Plasma filter: every three months


And what about the indoor unit surface and outdoor unit? How often should you clean your LG aircon?


LG does not give specific advice; instead, they recommend users to check and clean it regularly. Suppose you can see an accumulation of dirt and dust on your indoor or outdoor units, it would be better to clean them.


Also, most aircon service professionals recommend that an aircon be serviced (which includes professional cleaning) at least once a year.


Daikin air conditioner


Daikin has something to say for their AC users. First of all, they recommend yearly professional maintenance for your aircon. Then, users need to perform filter cleaning once every two weeks.


You’re probably wondering how to clean aircon filter for homeowners?


For filter cleaning, you can wash it with water or use a vacuum cleaner. Wash in lukewarm water with detergent for filthy filters. Then, dry them in a shady place away from direct sunlight.


Fujitsu air conditioner


Do you own an aircon from Fujitsu? Like the previous brands, Fujitsu recommends homeowners clean air filters every two weeks for normal use. If you use your aircon frequently, it would be better to clean filters more regularly.


Also, they suggest that you must perform preventive maintenance through an accredited aircon service contractor. That ensures your indoor and outdoor units can be inspected regularly in addition to cleaning. Preventative maintenance helps to avoid excessive wear and tear or malfunctions too.


The periodicity for regular maintenance depends on the usage. Still, the general rule of thumb is you should schedule a professional aircon servicing at least once a year.


Mitsubishi air conditioner


Another popular brand for residential aircon is Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi recommends homeowners clean the aircon’s filters every two weeks.


But, what about the maintenance?


Homeowners should service their Mitsubishi aircon at least four times a year. Doing so can prolong the lifespan of your aircon as well as maintaining its performance.


On the other hand, dubious maintenance can lead to problems, such as water dripping from your aircon, noise, or odour.


So, how often do you need to clean your aircon?

dirty aircon filter


After reviewing some recommendations from popular aircon’s brands, the general rules of thumb are:

  • Air filters: every two weeks
  • Indoor and outdoor unit: periodical maintenance—at least once a year—that includes inspection and cleaning


The inside the aircon may get foul after everyday use or in certain operating conditions. That is why regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep the aircon performs efficiently and ensure the air you breathe is fresh.


Bear in mind to always hire an aircon service contractor for periodic cleaning and maintenance. A well-trained and certified contractor can prevent, detect, and fix problems in your system correctly.


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